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WR 134 and PNG 073.4+01.5a in Widefield



Scope: FSQ-106N at f/5, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA; 10 and 14 July 2023,  Camera: ASI2600MM (Astronomik type 2c RGB, 6 nm Ha and OIII filters)

Exposure: Exposure: Ha - 84 x 3.5 min (gain-120 1x1), OIII - 84 x 3.5 min (gain-120 1x1),  RGB - 32 x 2 min (gain-101 1x1) each RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  N.I.N.A. Sequencer (as FITs).  Sub-frame calibration - Pixinsight (WBPP). Sub-frame  registration and integration (Average combine -  Winsorized sigma clipping) - PixInsight (WBPP).  2x Drizzle of Ha and OIII - PixInsight (WBPP).  Noise reduction - Mure Denoise (RGB), MMT (Ha and OIII) - PixInsight. Non-linear stretching, normalization and gradient removal - PixInsight. Photometric RGB calibration (SPCC) - PixInsight. Deconvolution of Ha, OIII, and RGB- BlurXTerminator. Generation of starless nebulosity Ha and OIII  images for later processing - Star XTerminator.  Curves, Levels, RGB combine - PixInsight.  RGB Stars and starless  combine - PixInsight.   Final finishing  - Affinity Photo.   Annotation - PixInsight, Aladin (Simbad and NED), and Affinity Photo. This image is a  modified HOO Narrow Band starless composition - with RGB stars added.  Image processed at 12496x8352 resolution. Final Image size is approximately  6402x9578.

North is up in this image.  This image features the ionized oxygen CircumStellar Matter around the Wolf-Rayet star WR 134 in a wide field. This object is included in the HASH PN Database. Its status is 'CircumStellar Matter' - not a true planetary. WR 134 is a distance of about 6,216 light years and is roughly a Mag 8 star. 

The surrounding region in this image has significant emission structures . Ha and OIII emission line filters were employed. This imagery makes up the red and blue emission gasses likely booth foreground and background. This region is at the very southern edge of the Cygnus-X region studied by Dickel, Wendker, and Bieritz and forming the DWB HII catalog.  The DWB catalog has 193 HII objects listed - Eight are in the upper  portion of this image.  Within this field are LBN 177, 179, 182, 187 and 189; as are LDN 856, 853 (also known as BARN 147).  Open star clusters NGC 6871 and NGC 6883 are in this field as well as the planetary nebula NGC 6881.

These objects and some of the brighter stars are identified in the annotated image Vertical FOV is approximately 2.53 degrees. Full size image scale is about 0.95 arcsec/pix.

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 20h 09m 01s Dec: +3618'47"


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