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(Early images - caution some are rough


This site is best viewed at lower Gamma. Use the stepwedge below to optimize your monitor's gamma or brightness for best viewing. Adjust your monitor so that each bar is distinct from the next and that the steps are evenly spaced.



M12 in Ophiuchus  M92 in Hercules   M15 in Pegasus  M53 in Coma Berenices  M9 and Barnard 64 in Ophiuchus M4 in Scorpius  M28 in Sagittarius
M13 in Hercules  M3 in Canes Venatici   M5 in Serpens M19 in Ophiuchus   M10 in Ophiuchus  NGC 5139 - Omega Centauri   M107 in Ophiuchus  
M14 in Ophiuchus  NGC 288 in Sculptor    M2 in Aquarius   NGC 5897 in Libra   M53 Wide Field    M55 in Sagittarius    NGC 6366 in Ophiuchus 
M62 in Ophiuchus   M68 in Hydra   NGC 1851 in Columba  M30 in Capricornus  NGC 6712 in Scutum  M22 in Sagittarius  NGC 5466 in Bootes  
M79  in Lepus  M56 in Lyra  M75 in Sagittarius   M80 in Scorpius  NGC2419 "Wanderer" in Lynx   M72 in Aquarius  M71 in Sagitta  


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