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Sharpless 82, LBN 128 and 129



Scope: Explore Scientific MN152 Maksutov Newtonian at f/4.8, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA,  26 June, 4 July 2019, Camera: ST8300M (Baader LRGB filters)

Exposure: Exposure:  16 x 10 min (1x1 bin) exposure with IR/UV Block filter, 10x10 min (2x2 bin) exposure with Ha filter,  8 x 4.5 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Sequence Generator Pro (as FITs).  Exposure calibration, Ha LRGB registration, and stacking (Median combine -  Winsorized Sigma Clipping) - PixInsight.  Equalization and gradient removal - PixInsight.  Curves, Levels, RGB combine, Luminance layering - PixInsight. Final finishing  - Photoshop.  RGB calibration - eXcalibrator. Annotation - PixInsight, Aladin (Simbad), and PhotoShop. The Ha integration (starless) was screen blended into the Luminance integration and into the Red integration. This image is a  RGB combine with Luminance layering (after Ha screen blends).  Images processed at 3352 x 2532 resolution. Final Image size is approximately  2600x1950.

North is up in this image. The dominant (roughly center) nebula structure is a combination of  objects (SH2-82, LBN 128, LBN 129, Cederblad 168). This nebula is a combination of  Hydrogen Alpha emission and reflection. The emission is energized by the star HD 231616 (Mag 10.11) located roughly in the center of the red emission. The distance of this nebula complex is estimated to be about 3,600 light years distant.  The dark region running diagonally through the nebula contains LDN 727 and several Dobashi listed dark nebulae. More to the right are Dobashi 1941 (upper right) and LDN 725 (right). These objects and some of the brighter stars are shown in the annotated image.   Horizontal FOV is about 85'. Image resolution on the full size image is about 1.96 arcsec/pix. 

Image center is approximately - Equatorial J2000: RA: 19h 30m 23s Dec: +1815'38"


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