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Sharpless 9 in Scorpius



Scope: Megrez II 80 mm at f/4.6,  Location: Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA  7 July,  2007,   Camera: Artemis285

Exposure: 5 x 420 sec H-Alpha (1x1), 6 x 60 sec RGB Exposures (2x2). 

Processing: Images were captured  with Artemis Capture (as FITs).  Aligned/stacked in Registax 4 and saved as FITS.  H-Alpha  and Color channels were scaled and  color balanced in Astroart.  Channels were co-registered in Astroart.   Curves and Levels applied in Photoshop to the Luminance construction to optimize object features. Luminance construction consisted of the H-Alpha exposure. Final LRGB combine was done in Photoshop using Luminance Layering (or LLRGB). Color adjustment made to correct the color shift created by Luminance application. A light background noise filtering was applied  with PixInsight LE SGBNR. Selective sharpening was applied to nebula features in Photoshop with a layer mask.  Final Image size is approximately 1392x1040.

 North is to the left in this image. This is a hydrogen emission complex catalogued as Sh2-009.  This field  is located in the constellation of Scorpius. It is often seen as part of a larger image encompassing Antares, and the Rho Ophiuchus nebula. This region in on the border of Scorpius and Ophiuchus. The central star is Sigma Scorpii - it is a bright 2.90 Magnitude star at the scorpion's head.    The Horizontal FOV is 84'.

Image center is located approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 16h 21m 11s Dec: -2535'34"


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