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NGC 7023 in Cepheus (Wide Field)



Scope: Mak-Newt MN152 @ f/4.8 Location: Laguna Mountains, CA   14 August, 2010  Camera: SBIG ST8300M

Exposure:  14 x 9 min IR/UV Block,  7 x 3 min RGB Exposures 

Processing: Images were captured with CCDSoft. Aligned/stacked and dark subtracted in Astroart. Sigma Combine method was used for stacking subs.  All channels were scaled and equalized in Astroart.  Central gradient was removed in Astroart. Channels were co-registered in Astroart. G2V  factors  were applied to color channels in Astroart.    Luminance construction consisted of the IR/UV blocking filter exposures.  Curves and Levels applied in Photoshop to the Luminance construction to optimize object features.  A light background noise reduction was applied to the luminance construction in Photoshop.   Final LRGB combine was done in Photoshop using Luminance Layering.  Final Touches in Photoshop.   Final Image size is approximately 2400x1821 (resized from 3330x2526).

All exposures in this image were guided; North is up in this image.  NGC 7023 is commonly known as the Iris Nebula. In this image of a wider field of the Iris Nebula, regions of interstellar dust can be seen.. Distance estimates vary but the approximate distance from Earth is about 1,400 light years. A close up image of the Iris Nebula was taken in 2006. The image can be seen here.   The Horizontal FOV is 88'.

Image center is located approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 20h 58m 10s Dec: +6800'18"


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