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LBN 816 Region and LDN 1536



Scope: FSQ-106N at f/5, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA, 11 November 2018,  Camera: Atik 383L (Astronomik Gen 2  LRGB Filters)

Exposure: Exposure: 16 x 12min  (1x1 bin) exposure with UV/IR block filter,  8 x 4 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Sequence Generator Pro (as FITs).  Exposure calibration, LRGB registration, and stacking (Median combine -  Winsorized Sigma Clipping) - PixInsight.  LRGB channel registration, equalization and gradient removal - PixInsight.  Curves, Levels, RGB combine, Luminance layering - PixInsight. Final finishing  - Photoshop.  RGB calibration - eXcalibrator. This image is a  RGB combine with Luminance layering.  Images processed at 3352 x 2532 resolution. Final Image size is approximately  2800 x 2100.

North is up in this image.  The large cloudy nebulosity in this image field is part bright nebula (LBN 816) and dark nebulae (various). This field is part of the larger Taurus Molecular Cloud (TMC) about 400 light years distant and is many times larger than this image field.  The most prominent dark nebula is LDN 1536 (mostly center) with various other dark structures noted in the TGU, Dobashi, and PGCC (Planck Catalog of Galactic Cold Clumps ).There are several background galaxies - the most notable is LEDA 1671876 with a redshift distance estimate of 211 million light years - others are annotated but have no distance estimates. Toward the lower left is a faint reflection nebula that is noted in several catalogs and also in the Magakian Merged Reflection Nebula catalog (seq. 77). There are four TTau variable stars associated with this reflection structure. These objects  and some of the brighter stars are identified in the annotated image.  Horizontal FOV is approximately 120 arc minutes. Full size image scale is 2.57 arcsec/pix.

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 04h 33m 56s Dec: +2304'42"


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