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This site is best viewed at lower Gamma. Use the stepwedge below to optimize your monitor's gamma or brightness for best viewing. Adjust your monitor so that each bar is distinct from the next and that the steps are evenly spaced.




        The Cocoon Nebula, IC 5146, and Lynd's Dark 1035     

        Lynd's Dark Nebulae and NGC 6451    

        NGC 6633 and IC 4756 in Serpens and Ophiuchus    

        The NGC 4261 NGC 4281 Galaxy Region     

     The Leo Trio Galaxy Group    

     The Rosette Nebula, NGC 2244, and Sharpless 280    

        NGC 2024 - Flame Nebula      

        M45 - The Pleiades      

      Kemble's Cascade / NGC 1502 in Camelopardalis     

     Double Cluster in Perseus      

           M52 and the "Bubble Nebula"     

                 Milky Way in Sagittarius West    

        M8 "The Lagoon Nebula"      

        M17 "The Swan Nebula"       

        Network and Cirrus Nebula     

        Dark Nebula in Vulpecula Region     

        M16 and M17 Region      

        IC 4601 Region in Scorpius / Octans     

        Coma Galaxy Cluster Abell 1656     

        North American and Pelican Region in Cygnus  

        M44 (Beehive Cluster) in Cancer   

        Rho Ophiuchus Region     

        M81, M82 in Ursa Major   

        M95, M96, M105 in Leo   

       Galaxy Field in Coma Berenices   

        Galaxy Field in Virgo / Coma Berenices     

        M36 M37 and M38 Region in Auriga    

        Orion's Belt and Sword      

       Star Trails, Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert   

      California Nebula NGC 1499 in Perseus     

      Orion Nebula and NGC 1977    

       IC1848 / LBN672 in Cassiopeia     

        M31 Andromeda Galaxy     

        Gamma Cygni Nebula - IC1318    

       M33 Triangulum Galaxy     

      M8 and M20 in Sagittarius     

     Starcloud in Sagittarius     

      M7 in Scorpius     

     M5 in Serpens    

     M13 in Hercules    

   M3 in Canes Venatici     





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