NGC 5364 in Virgo



Scope: FSQ-106N  at f/5.0, Location: Laguna Mountains, CA   19 May 2012  Camera: Artemis285

Exposure: 15 x 6 min  (1x1 bin) exposure with UV/IR block, 8 x 3 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Artemis Capture (as FITs).  Calibrated, stacked (Sigma Combine), LRGB channel registration, equalization, central gradient removal - Astroart.  Curves, Levels, LRGB combine and finishing  - Photoshop. This image is a straightforward LRGB combine with Luminance layering.     Final Image size is approximately 1800 x 1345.

North is up in this image. This galaxy field is in the constellation of Virgo. The  dominant galaxy in this field is the spiral galaxy NGC3564. The notable galaxies that catch your eye seem to follow a semicircle clockwise from NGC 5364. The galaxy above the spiral is NGC 5363. Continuing clockwise is NGC 5356, NGC 5348, and near the right edge is NGC 5338. Near this last galaxy is what appears to be a sparse cluster of star. In fact most of these are galaxies and are members of the Abell 1809 galaxy cluster.   There are numerous other smaller galaxies across this field. NGC 5364 is about million light years distant.  The remaining notable galaxies range from about 42 million light years to 75 million light years distant. Horizontal FOV is 60'

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 13h 55m 05s Dec: +0507'58"



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