NGC2403 in Camelopardalis


Scope: C8 f/5 Location: Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA 1/23/2004 Camera: ToUcam SC3

Exposure: 12 x 50 sec, 6 x 100 sec Luminance Exposure with IR Block. 10 x 50 sec RGB Exposures.

Processing: Images were captured in K3CCDTools. Aligned/stacked in Registax and saved as FITS. Luminance and Color master frames were co-registered in Astroart. Luminance and Color FITS were combined in Photoshop with Luminance Layering. The 50 and 100 sec Luminance exposures were combined for better star sizes. No ears - the exposure was made with RAW mode Color balancing and final touches in Photoshop.

This was a guided exposure. I went for a longer than usual Luminance exposure with this image. I think this image shows some reasonably good structure detail on the galaxy as it is a somewhat "knotty" and irregular structure. Horizontal FOV is 16' 


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