NGC 7419 and Sharpless 154 in Cepheus



Scope: FSQ-106N 106 mm refractor  at f/5, Location: Laguna Mountains, CA   11 August 2012  Camera: Artemis285

Exposure: 14 x 3 min  (1x1 bin) exposure with UV/IR block, 11 x 5 min (1x1 bin) Ha exposure, 8 x 2 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Artemis Capture (as FITs).  Calibrated, stacked (Sigma Combine), LRGB channel registration, equalization, central gradient removal - Astroart.  Curves, Levels, LRGB combine and finishing  - Photoshop. This image is a HaL-RGB combine with Luminance layering.     Final Image size is approximately 1600 x 1200.

North is up in this image.  NGC 7419 is the star cluster in the lower left. Sharpless 154 is the red emission region in the upper right. The color of the emission nebula. (Sharpless 154) is typical of such objects  where hydrogen gas is energized by nearby stars causing the gas to glow. The star cluster  (NGC 7419) is characterized as a young cluster of about 25 million years of age. We se it somewhat reddened due to intervening galactic dust. NGC 7419 is about 4,500 light years distant from Earth  Horizontal FOV is 55'

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 22h 52m 45s Dec: +6100'19" 


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