NGC6811 - Open Cluster in Cygnus


Scope: C8 f/5 Location: Del Mar CA  10/21/2003 Camera: ToUcam SC3

Exposure: 25 x 9 sec  Luminance Exposure with IR Block. 20 x 10 sec RGB Exposures.

Processing: Images were captured and stacked in K3CCDTools and saved as FITS. Luminance and Color master frames were coregistered in Astroart with some low pass filtering. Luminance and Color FITS were combined in Photoshop with some Luminance Layering. . Final touches in Photoshop.

This object is also nicknamed "Hole in a Cluster" because of a void of stars near its center. This "hole" can be seen in this image slightly left of center. Horizontal FOV is 16'


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