NGC2360 in Canis Major


Scope: C8 f/2.8 Location: Del Mar CA, 7 Feb. 2004, Camera: ToUcam SC3

Exposure: 18 x 20 sec Luminance Exposure with IR Block and Orion Skyglo filters. 15 x 12 sec RGB Exposures.

Processing: Images were captured in K3CCDTools. Aligned/stacked in Registax and saved as FITS. Luminance and Color master frames were co-registered in Astroart. Luminance and Color FITS were combined in Photoshop with Luminance Layering. Color balancing and final touches in Photoshop.

This was an unguided exposure. NGC2360 is somewhat of a pedestrian open cluster. This was my second image with the Meade f/3.3 reducer / corrector (M47 was the first). It was a useful continuing test and familiarization with the Meade 3.3 reducer/corrector. Horizontal FOV is about 30'

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